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Facebook Game

Posted in Uncategorized by richmondbachelor on June 29, 2009

Facebook has officially passed Myspace on # of members, not to mention it is such a nicer site. Merely preventing users from editing colors/themes/music and the previous exclusiveness (only colleges) have led the vast majority of people aged 18-35 to create their page. Now that anybody can create a profile, the rest of America that’s not computer illiterate went ahead and created their profiles. Here’s how your host uses facebook to assist his mission.

Profile Keep a tight profile that skips all the unnecessary crap like favorite movies and music, and simply explains in a few sentences in the “about me” that conveys alphaness. Besides “activities”, “interests” and “about me”, there is no reason to use any of the other fields.

Privacy As a single guy, I want it to be plain and clear for all of Richmond to know that I’m single. However as a business professional, I don’t want my entire profile to be exposed. I’ve settled on Friends of Friends can see my profile, for now. If you are, say, just in college, I’d say fuck it and make your profile visible to the entire school.

I also routinely copy and paste each of my coworkers names into the facebook search and block them from ever seeing me again. Preemptive strike.

Friendships So you went out and met a girl last night. Did you get a phone number?

If yes: do NOT sent a facebook friendship under any circumstance. Do NOT accept any friendship requests from them. Hold steady until the deal has been sealed. If questioned on why, simply reply “too busy” or accuse them of being a stalker.

If no: hopefully its not because you asked for a number and got denied.

Side note: Popular PUA David DeAngelo suggests asking for an email address. I think he gives personal stats like “Most of my emails get replies where much fewer of my calls do”. I call that complete BS. If a girl is interested she will be happy to give you a number. I can’t imagine getting anything but laughed at asking for an email address. I also get my calls and/or texts replied too 90% of the time.

Friends I seem to have alot of 1-3 month mini-relationships that fizzle out. I used to wonder what to do with female friends on facebook. Do I want the 100 or so female friends that were only romantic interests seeing my profile? After being able to rekindle a few, I realized yes. The most recent, a former fling’s engagement fell through and she was happy to contact me through facebook and schedule a date.

The Poke Simple and fast. When things seem to be going sour in a fling and you want to rekindle things. [poke].

Profile Picture Stick to photos of yourself with attractive girls, or photos of yourself that have been female approved as “good”. Occasionally sports shots – scoring a TD, finishing a marathon, etc. NEVER some embarrasing shot that maybe my buddies would chuckle at.

Facebook chat I go on once every few days. If you are lacking a phone number this is the next way you should try to make contact. Keep it brief and playful and ask for the number.

When I lean back in my chair with my arms behind my head, I realize facebook has helped my knotch count a few times, but never ever is my source of meeting girls. Randomly friending hotties will never work, and any that accept are likely shallow enough to care how many “friends” they have and will never lead to anything.

Bottom line: the most important takeway from here is the rules of adding your targets as friends/accepting their friendships. If you don’t have a facebook as it is, you are missing out on quite a tool. I’d say its the 2nd best development in recent years in game, 2nd only to the text message.


Best Bars in Richmond for Pickups

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I often get asked “You seem to constantly have a new woman by your side. Where are you meeting all these girls?” Well I realized there is no definitive list to be found on the internet ranking local venues on success for the masses. These bars are ranked by % of visits where I walk out of there with either a phone number or a girl by my side.

1. Banditos
Location: Museum District

For the longest time I regarded Banditos as an age 35 up bar but recently got exposed to it again. A social sports league I played in had sponsorship from Banditos and my team would come here to socialize. I quickly learned my impression from 3 years ago wrong and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights you can find quite a mix of women here. Some cougars, some well dressed hotties, and some tattooed/artsy girls. There is a dance floor here for you to spin your newly-met girl around. Don’t leave her standing alone for too long – this bar is so stock full of girls even a few ghetto bastards awkwardly stand at the edges of the dance floor and attempt to grind on anything from behind they can, creeping out girls and males alike. It’s humorous.

2. Blackfinn
Location: Shockoe Slip

Blackfinn is a newer bar located on Brown Isle. Although paying for parking in their lot sucks, it is key at the end of the night if you aren’t leaving alone. Blackfinn’s exciting nights are Thursday – Saturday. The scene reminds me of a college house party except everyone is dressed nicer and 90% of the girls are “7”s and up. The attire is a bit dressier here – khakis and a collared shirt are typical for guys. There are always girls aplenty and after enough approaches you should be able to get a phone number or 2. The dance floor here is always packed. Occasionally there are lines or covers here, but not lately.

3. Delux
Location: Fan

A newer bar often compared to the Black Fin of the Fan district. The atmosphere here is impressive. Upstairs seems to yield more single girls looking to get approached opposed to downstairs which seems to be couples. The dress here is a bit classy. Khakis and a dress shirt are recommended. Occasionally a line to get in or get upstairs, but never unreasonable.

4. Tiki Bobs
Location: Shockoe Bottom

Tiki Bobs will always hold a special place in my heart as my 21st birthday destination. If you miss frat parties you’ll love this place. They regularly have events like jello wrestling, bikini contests, etc. Warning: the male to female ratio is usually terrible on those event nights. They have an awesome happy hour 7 pm – 9 pm of $1 rail drinks to get you started. I often come here for this, stick around until 11 pm, then head to the next venue. The scene is more of a college age and is one of the few 18 and up bars. There are some country folk here who seem to be there week after week. I believe weekends its something ridiculous like 18+ for girls, 21+ for guys but I may be wrong. If you need to get your fix on a Tuesday, cheap drinks and tacos attract a crowd. If you want “easy” girls this is the place to go. There aren’t a whole lot of college degree holding, or degree seeking females here. Be sure to wrap it up if you take one of these girls home. There is a dance floor here and I think the only time I’ve ever seen random guys walking up and starting to dance with a random girl ever work. Occasionally a line here and sometimes a $5 cover. I really hate paying covers in this city and it pretty unreasonable this place charges it.

5. Cha Chas
Location: Shockoe Slip

Cha Cha’s attracts a good mix of people. Lots of girls, and an assorted mix of guys. Ordering drinks here can be tough, so you milk the ones you manage to get. The ratio here can get bad, and you have 6s acting like they are 9s as the males become drunk, gain alcohol confidence, and start trying to hit on them. Wed – Saturday seem to be the nights for this place. If you walk out empty handed, check in Lucky Buddha next door (but usually has a terrible ratio)

6. Starlite
Location: The Fan

A smaller bar located across from 3 monkeys. You’ll find this bar packed nearly every night of the week, especially during the summer. A lot of VCU and U of R girls come here, but the classiness level far exceeds similar aged customers at Tiki Bobs.

7. 3 Monkeys
Location: The Fan

Another small fan bar like so many in that area. This one is full nearly every night of the week as well with customers. The crowd again is college aged but with class.

8. Tobacco Company
Location: Shockoe Slip

Upstairs you can find a few roaming cougars, and downstairs you’ll find a mix of races. It seems every Indian in Richmond that drinks comes here on Friday and Saturday nights. They have a very popular $1 drink special downstairs from 8 – 9 on Friday and Saturday nights. They occasionally have ratio problems here, especially later on in the night, so do your work early. This is one of the most famous bars in Richmond, and consequently there is certainly a bit of an elitist feel here. Be prepared for some snobby girls acting annoyed you are trying to talk to them as they sip their $9 Long Island Iced Tea. A lot of the same girls go out exclusively here weekend after weekend and nowhere else.

9. New York Deli
Location: Carytown

The only bar to place from Carytown, this relative newcomer shows a lot of potential. I’m going mostly on here-say on this one, but from what I understand it’s a classier joint with a great ratio.

10. Richbrau
Location: Shockoe Slip

Richbrau has gone through quite a transition in the years that I’ve known it. 5 years ago it was an awesome place with a cover charge no one complained having to pay. Soon after the place started getting over-run with ghetto bastards who couldn’t find their way to 3-2-1 Supper Club on Main St. I went there again 6 months ago and talked to a bartender who said they had removed select drinks from the menu (see: Hennessey, Covosier, Alize, etc) and said ghetto bastards completely stopped coming, leaving a few pool enthusiasts. Lately it’s been picking back up and has a fun arcade, comparable to Dave and Busters. A great bar to pop in after Tobacco Company on your way home. Summary: If you are like me, you like to barhop between 2-3 bars in a night over a few hours. If you want to prevent driving, you have 3 main choices. Central Fan (Banditos, 3 Monkeys, Starlite), Shockoe Slip (Tobacco Co, Richbrau, Blackfinn, Cha Chas), or Shockoe Bottom (Tiki Bobs). All of them have more bars nearby that are always worth checking out once or twice just to see what the make-up is, and find a new place to take dates.