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Posted in Uncategorized by richmondbachelor on June 29, 2009

Facebook has officially passed Myspace on # of members, not to mention it is such a nicer site. Merely preventing users from editing colors/themes/music and the previous exclusiveness (only colleges) have led the vast majority of people aged 18-35 to create their page. Now that anybody can create a profile, the rest of America that’s not computer illiterate went ahead and created their profiles. Here’s how your host uses facebook to assist his mission.

Profile Keep a tight profile that skips all the unnecessary crap like favorite movies and music, and simply explains in a few sentences in the “about me” that conveys alphaness. Besides “activities”, “interests” and “about me”, there is no reason to use any of the other fields.

Privacy As a single guy, I want it to be plain and clear for all of Richmond to know that I’m single. However as a business professional, I don’t want my entire profile to be exposed. I’ve settled on Friends of Friends can see my profile, for now. If you are, say, just in college, I’d say fuck it and make your profile visible to the entire school.

I also routinely copy and paste each of my coworkers names into the facebook search and block them from ever seeing me again. Preemptive strike.

Friendships So you went out and met a girl last night. Did you get a phone number?

If yes: do NOT sent a facebook friendship under any circumstance. Do NOT accept any friendship requests from them. Hold steady until the deal has been sealed. If questioned on why, simply reply “too busy” or accuse them of being a stalker.

If no: hopefully its not because you asked for a number and got denied.

Side note: Popular PUA David DeAngelo suggests asking for an email address. I think he gives personal stats like “Most of my emails get replies where much fewer of my calls do”. I call that complete BS. If a girl is interested she will be happy to give you a number. I can’t imagine getting anything but laughed at asking for an email address. I also get my calls and/or texts replied too 90% of the time.

Friends I seem to have alot of 1-3 month mini-relationships that fizzle out. I used to wonder what to do with female friends on facebook. Do I want the 100 or so female friends that were only romantic interests seeing my profile? After being able to rekindle a few, I realized yes. The most recent, a former fling’s engagement fell through and she was happy to contact me through facebook and schedule a date.

The Poke Simple and fast. When things seem to be going sour in a fling and you want to rekindle things. [poke].

Profile Picture Stick to photos of yourself with attractive girls, or photos of yourself that have been female approved as “good”. Occasionally sports shots – scoring a TD, finishing a marathon, etc. NEVER some embarrasing shot that maybe my buddies would chuckle at.

Facebook chat I go on once every few days. If you are lacking a phone number this is the next way you should try to make contact. Keep it brief and playful and ask for the number.

When I lean back in my chair with my arms behind my head, I realize facebook has helped my knotch count a few times, but never ever is my source of meeting girls. Randomly friending hotties will never work, and any that accept are likely shallow enough to care how many “friends” they have and will never lead to anything.

Bottom line: the most important takeway from here is the rules of adding your targets as friends/accepting their friendships. If you don’t have a facebook as it is, you are missing out on quite a tool. I’d say its the 2nd best development in recent years in game, 2nd only to the text message.


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